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The exhibition premiered on April 29th at the Guangdong Museum of art (Canton,China) where it will stay till July 24th 2016. The show will then travel:
August 2nd till  November 6th 2016 at the Nanjing Museum,
November 25th  2016 till March 5th 2017 at the Gansu Provincial Museum
March 24th till June 26th 2017 at the Yunnan Provincial Museum
July 7th till September 10th 2017 at the Henan Museum.
The shows will display :  120 top quality ancient masks, 15 masks with their complete
costume and 15 musical instruments used in masquerades from the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) in Phoenix Arizona. Old field photos from the RMCA Tervuren will grace the various museum walls.
Texts and pictures from: http://www.congogallery.com/

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On the occasion of the exhibition « MASKS IN CONGO » at the Guangdong Museum of art (China), organized by Ethnic Art & Culture Ltd (Hong Kong) for which Marc Leo Felix is the curator,  2 books were published of 352 pages in A4+ format, one is in Chinese and one is in English/French, containing 800 pictures.
The books will be available at the Congo gallery from June 8 during the Bruneaf fair 
12 authors wrote essays
Dr. David Binkley ­ Former Chief Curator, Museum of African Art, Smithsonian
Institution, Washington DC, USA
Prof. Dr. Arthur Bourgeois ­ professor emeritus in Art History at Governors
State University, University Park, Illinois, USA
Drs. Kellim Brown ­ University of South Florida, USA, Research intern at the
Congo Basin Art History Research Center, Brussels, Belgium
Dr. Rik Ceyssens ­ Independent Scholar
Prof. Dr. Pol-Pierre Gossiaux ­ professor emeritus Liege University, Belgium
Marc Leo Felix ­ Director Congo Basin Art History Research Center, Brussels,
Dr. Manuel Jordán Chief Curator at the Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix
Arizona, USA
Prof. Dr. Constantine Petridis ­ Curator, of African art at the Cleveland
Museum of Art adjunct professor of art history at Case Western Reserve
University, USA
Prof. Dr. Z. S. Strother, Riggio Professor of African Art, Columbia
University, New York, USA
Dr. Julien Volper ­ Curator at the Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren,
Dr. Pan Yanqin College of ASEAN Studies, Guangxi University for
Nationalities P. R. of China.
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